About Santa Pete and Mrs. Marie Claus

May the sights and sounds of Christmas work their merry magic
in your heart. Merry Christmas!

We are Santa Pete and Mrs. Marie Claus

We have been visiting the beautiful and tropical West coast of Florida on a regular basis prior to our big night of the Christmas season as Mrs. Claus and I do enjoy the warmer weather and the friendly natives.

We start making our pre-Christmas appearances during the early part of the holiday just before Thanksgiving making this a regular part of our yearly schedule. During this time, we have the opportunity to visit with children from all over.

As you might understand that in these modern times of such rapid change Mrs. Claus and Santa have to keep up with all of the new advances that are taking place so we attend many classroom studies and workshops such as the International University of Santa Claus, Santa Claus Conservatory the Brothers Claus workshop, as well as several other schools and institutes.

We also belong to the IBRBS (International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa’s) YES Santa Pete has a real beard and of course we are fully insured and background checks are in order. Using some of Santa’s magic we have been able to meet children and adults alike in some of the most unique circumstances and places. These wonderful interactive sessions have delighted Mrs. Claus and Santa Pete as we get the opportunity to spend a little more time with children compared to the quick photo sessions that sometimes we engage in.

Children get to know Santa and Mama Claus so much better and that keeps us feeling Frosty. The children learn a little more about the North Pole, the reindeer, and the importance of spreading Christmas joy, kindness and cheer the very essence and spirit of the Christmas season. This truly has proven to be a great time for all and we simply enjoy every minute of it.

We are looking so forward to this exciting New Year filled with delight and those precious moments that just seem to get even more precious each and every year.

Schooling & Memberships

Santa Pete and Mrs. Claus are graduates and hold a Bachelors
of Santa Claus ology and are members of:

• The Santa Claus Conservatory and the international University of Santa Claus!
• The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa’s (IBRBS)
• Christmas Performers workshop Basic and Advanced
• Palm Tree Santa’s

Santa And Mrs. Claus are Committed To

  • Upholding the magical spirit of Christmas.
  • Promoting joy, generosity and giving.
  • Respecting the diversity of our community.
  • Honoring Christmas traditions throughout the world.
  • Upholding the positive image of Christmas performers.
  • Promoting a safe environment for all.
  • Fostering good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas community.

With a twinkle in our eyes, joy in our hearts and the spirit of excitement we delight at interacting with children – both young and old bringing the magic of Christmas to your event each year and would take great delight to be part of your Christmas traditions!

Wishing you a delightful Christmas. Wishing you and your family health, happiness, peace and prosperity this Christmas and forever.

We serve as Santa and Mrs. Claus throughout the state of Florida.
We are happy to travel beyond… even nationwide and International for the right event.