Christmas Elf Iris

 A visit with Santa & Mrs. Claus and yes a visit with Christmas elf Iris 
a magical experience all the way from the North Pole.

  Where else can an
Elf be elf-ful?

We all know the responsibilities of the elves, don’t we?
They report to the Director of Christmas Operations (aka, Santa Claus).
The Elves are responsible for the design, development, construction,
assembly and packaging of all Christmas toys and related
presents for distribution to children all over the world.

We also know that there are elves at all levels of the North Pole
enterprise that being nimble, quick, and slightly magical have
the ability to work effectively on hundreds if not thousands of tasks
that are required by the Director himself. And finally, it is known
that all of the elves have a deep commitment, passion and a love of
Christmas and making dreams come true for every boy and girl
young and old all over the world.

Meet Christmas Elf Iris, she is truly a very special elf

She not only demonstrates all of the skills, abilities and knowledge of the above but she possesses some very unique and special skills which Santa finds most delightful and needed. First of all, she’s acquainted with all of the Christmas traditions all around the world, and demonstrates the ability of understanding childhood dreams and wishes. Also, her uncanny intuition to work closely with children at all levels and ages including those not so believing and of course the little jolly ones that just can’t wait to hop on Santa’s knee to tell him their wish list.

She’s the apple of Santa’s eye as she assists him in making dreams come true and creating unforgettable fun and a magical Christmas experience during every visit.

Not only is she’s outstanding with children but has the ability to look after the adults’ needs as well as it is equally important during a Santa experience.
She loves helping with the giving of gifts, greeting guests, taking group photos making sure nobody is left out, and assisting with organizing and gathering the children together for that up front and personal time with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Iris’ constant commitment and brilliant relationship to Santa and Mrs. Claus is endless, her energy and a love for Christmas magic and her ability to think on her feet should a difficult situation arise is essential to deliver memorable fun and safe activities for a truly special magical experience.

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